Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Stefano Mitri

Yesterday, we had a lecture from stepfano discussing design possibilities and shifting perspectives on objects and meanings. I really like his definition of design and one i can finally agree on:

"design is not art, design is not poetry
design has to function. It needs a purpose, a brief, a client, someone willing to pay.
we love art, we love poetry, but design is different "

and he is a believer in "form follows function". Ticks lots of boxes!

He also added some interesting comments about designing new chairs as an example. He stated that people don't want or need new chairs, they want new stories. As designers, we invent new lanuages and meanings to our products.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Found Electronics

I really like the quirky-ness this group of guys have towards electronics and their love to making music.

I mostly admire their botanic garden project mostly because i know how hard it is to program solenoids and well feel their pain for using so many! What i also liked about this project was that they kept their mechanical parts exposed which added interest to their project and i felt it brought truth and honesty to it, and, the music wasn't too bad either!

I managed to show 2 of the guys my project in 'PLAY to MAKE' and recieved some really nice feedback from them. They seemed to like the idea and offered help and advice willingly. Nice guys!

check them out!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Gummy Bear Chandeliar

These gummy bears are made from plastic and boy do i want to own one!