Monday, 11 July 2011


It doesn't get much better than this. Wow. This was one of those products you see where time stands still while jaw slowly drops and eyes widen.

I was immediately attracted to this stool by the contrasting textures and colour. I could see it was made from one piece and only noticed that it had been burnt by the last image shown.

Breath taking design process and end product. I love this elegant and natural organic shape but especially love that it has a dark element to it's creation.

Designed by: Kaspar Hamacher (link will take you to his bio)

Alternative Alarm Clock

This alarm clock uses a common electric outlet to allow the user to determine what they shall wake to.

I like this approach as it directs attention away from just sound and thus becoming an interaction where all your senses could be affected. I also really like that there are 2 sockets available. This means you could really mix up what your senses are alerted to. For me, It would be my coffee machine and my lamp.

I am not normally attracted to such a product but I think it works here. If the aesthetics were any different- it would not be as effective and as there is reason to it- it ticks my box.

Designed by: Kihyum Kim

Monday, 4 July 2011

Melvin the Machine by HEYHEYHEY

ONE DAY I WILL MAKE THIS! I found throughout this video a smile became a stupid grin to laughter- inspired (and jealous) I am.

(Best ending too- men in white coats begin to put it right!)

"the best movie in the world" with painstaking hand-drawn animation.

What a tribute!! LOVE this! Make sure you watch all the way to the end and pay attention!

by: Swedish chiptune band Rymdreglage

Full article HERE

Jonas Damon

Combining sleek apple products with simple crafted objects is right up my street and bang on beautiful.

I have always been a fan of Jonas but feel his latest work for frog is inspiring. I partically love the analogue alarm clock where the form of the object, follows the form of the iphone- simplicity is key and this is executed to perfection. This is the beauty of Jonas's work; they are always simple products that are made into elegant pieces.