Monday, 21 February 2011

Night Night

Obviously, as I completed a very in depth project about sleep, I cannot help myself when I see someone has too.. I've become quite the critic!

So Night Night. Not a bad idea, but not a brilliant one. I like what she is attempting to do but feel she has failed at it.

The idea is that since it takes between 10-20 minutes for someone to drift off to sleep, this light, once tipped will begin the 15 minute timer, releasing the sand to cover up the light and placing you into darkness.

This means that as soon as you are ready to go to sleep, instead of turning off the light, you will turn one on?! If I'm being honest, I feel it is lacking depth and purpose.

I think if she designed this for kids as a sleep aid then she is onto something. How many children ask for the light to remain on until they are sound asleep?! If she designed this to mums and young children then I believe she will have a brilliant product on sleep, and not just an idea.

designed by: Vanessa Hordies -website is incomplete - Dezeen has more information!

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