Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New Designers- A review

New Designers, what an experience! Met lots and lots of people from industry, a few alarming clock fans and many students from around the country.

The University of Dundee, my stand, was well received and displayed. Many individuals praised our work due to the depth and quality of our ideas. All our work was child friendly and we welcomed interaction with out products;

Most stands had "do not touch" signs everywhere. This was ok when I could see how delicate some work was but for a table or chair? I missed the point.

Some stands looked outstanding; wooden decking, a half pipe however, looks can be deceiving. Most work had tried to solve a 'problem' which did not exist or even matter. No wonder our environment is in such a mess. The majority of projects lacked imagination, uniqueness, purpose and depth.

However, I felt Buck stand was the best. It was a nice and simple stand where the content made the stand brilliant. I lost a good couple of hours looking through all their projects.

The New Designer Winner is actually from this uni. I was happy for this girl to win. I think she did a brilliant job and deserved the title.

This is my hand favourite love to hate invention; an umbrella dryer. It is a hair-dryer for your umbrella...w.o.w !

AND strangely there was plenty of mop buckets, dustpans and even toilet brushes. 100% design winner actually made a dustpan and brush...

I am not all bad I promise! I did enjoy looking around other universities discovering their own unique processes and facilities. There was some really well made models on display, yes they didn't work but the standard they were finished to was admiral. Sadly not all of the designers have websites; in fact the majority of the designs I like don't have a web presence...strange so I cannot even copy in a picture. Thats rather annoying!

Bi King

ND pictures are coming soon and I'm going to kee an eye out for some of the designs I really liked!

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